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Artworks by Merlinda Sedillo-Welch

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Artworks By Merlinda

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Note cards (41/2" x 6") of some of Merlinda's great Artwork.

Also available as larger prints 16"x20" and 18"x24".

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"La Placita Dining Room -
Built in 1706" Old Town Plaza, Albuquerque, N.M., (18"x24")

Artwork by Merlinda Sedillo Welch

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"Isolated Tranquility in Beautiful New Mexico" (16"x20")
Artwork by Merlinda Sedillo Welch

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"Christo Rey Church"
Santa Fe, N.M., (16"x20")

Artwork by Merlinda Sedillo Welch


" Oil Paintings"

You Name It, I'll Paint It!

Can Duplicate Most Photos.

Your Adobe Home?
Place of Business?

Southwest Scenes? A Loved One?
A Painting To Enhance Your Decor?

Please contact Merlinda if you are interested in her Artwork.

Merlinda Sedillo-Welch
(888) 873-3966
(505) 873-3966

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